Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Reprise

Happy Mother's Day

LSB 855 For all the Faithful Women
text by Herman Stuempfle
(c) 2003 GIA Publications

1 For all the faithful women
Who served in days of old
To You shall thanks be given;
To all, their story told.
They served with strength and gladness
In tasks Your wisdom gave.
To You their lives bore witness,
Proclaimed Your pow'r to save.

6 To Hannah, praying childless
Before Your throne of grace,
You gave a son and called him
To serve before Your face.
Grant us her perseverance;
Lord, teach us how to pray
And trust in Your deliv'rance
When darkness hides our way.

8 We sing of Mary, mother,
Fair maiden, full of grace.
She bore the Christ, our brother,
Who came to save our race.
May we, with her, surrender
Ourselves to Your command
And lay upon Your altar
Our gifts of heart and hand.

13 For Eunice and for Lois
We sing our thanks and praise.
Young Timothy they nurtured
And led him in Your ways.
Raise up in ev'ry household
True teachers of Your Word
Whose lives will bear clear witness
To Christ, our risen Lord.

3 O God, for saints and servants,
Those anmed and those unknown
In whom through all the ages
Your light of glory shone
We offer glad thanksgiving
And fervent prayer we raise
That, faithful in Your service,
Our lives may sing Your praise.

4 All praise to God the Father!
All praise to Christ the Son!
All praise the Holy Spirit,
Who binds the Church in one!
With saints who went before us,
With saints who witness still
We sing glad Alleluias
And strive to do Your will.

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