Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome Little Sister

Marion Evelyn Hemmer was born at 6:43 this morning. She is 19 in. long and weighs (after a little feeding) 7 lb 3 oz. Her apgars were good and Laura's doing very well, also.

She will be reborn in the waters of Holy Baptism this Sunday at 9:30. You're welcome to join us.

She receives her name from her mother's mother and the Mother of God, on whose feast day she will be baptized, and her father's grandmother and great-grandmother.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.


Gauntlets said...

YAY! Great work, Hemmers. :) :) :) God bless you, Marion, and keep you in His mercy unto life everlasting!

Dane Werner FA said...


Rev. James Leistico said...

wonderful. Dave and Becky Juhl are at the hospital now waiting for their second son to be born. And Lyle Schlueter will be baptized here at Ruma this Sunday by me (or by Christ? ummm... yes?) - so two types of birthday buddies for your precious daughter!

(may God spare you the "now your family is complete" comments.)