Thursday, September 11, 2008

Irreverence: Not just for Evangelicals, anymore

Popular among contemporary worship hucksters is the desire to make church appealing and comfortable. Comfortable is the liturgical opposite of reverent. You can either be comfortable around Jesus--coming in jeans and flip flops, thinking of Him as your buddy, expecting Him to laugh at your jokes--or you can be reverent--treating Him as Lord, bowing in His presence, and dressing in your "Sunday best."

If you were invited to a dinner with the President of the United States, you'd dress up and exercise your best manners. So why, when the Creator of Everything, the Almighty God invites us to His Holy Supper, do we think it's okay not to show reverence?

Well, turns out irreverence isn't limited to Protestants. One of the local Roman churches is having their annual Polka Mass on Sunday the 21st.
Right, a Polka Mass on the Feast of St. Matthew. Maybe it's an illustration of the Gospel Lesson: Matthew 9:9-13. Or maybe it's just plain irrevrence. Either way, it's not cool in the eyes of Rome.

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