Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pentecost Tuesday

This is the Old Testament reading for Pentecost Tuesday.

"For the palace is forsaken, the populous city deserted;
the hill and the watchtower will become dens forever,
a joy of wild donkeys, a pasture of flocks;
until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high,
and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field,
and the fruitful field is deemed a forest.
Then justice will dwell in the wilderness,
and righteousness abide in the fruitful field.
And the effect of righteousness will be peace,
and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.
My people will abide in a peaceful habitation,
in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.
And it will hail when the forest falls down,
and the city will be utterly laid low.
Happy are you who sow beside all waters,
who let the feet of the ox and the donkey range free." -Isaiah 39:14-20

Well, Pentecost Tuesday at about 3:15, the forests fell indeed. A huge oak tree in the corner of my back yard toppled in the wind. While it displaced the corner of my new fence, took out some power lines, and snapped off the fire hydrant, it didn't fall on any people, buildings, or anything of any value. That's particularly miraculous considering the line of cars along the street (into which the the tree fell)picking kids up from school at exactly that time. Thanks be to God.

I came back froma hospital visit at about 5:00 to see the street closed by police cars, city workers with a backhoe, and an Ameren truck. Little did I realize they were attending to my tree. The high school kids getting into their cars at 3:15 report quite a spectacle.

So, nothing a little hard work can't take care of. But we are going to miss having a shaded back yard...

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